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Aviation Digital Library

The Largest Digital Library for Pilot Ground Subjects 

Largest Digital Library for Pilot Exams
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From self paced to Instructor led programs. PPL to ATPL 

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Experienced faculty to conduct over 400 hours of Live Online Classes

Online Classes for Pilots
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   Orientation for Freshers  

This is an on demand Free course. After Registration you will receive a link in your email to view two Webinars and some documents which address two questions that you want to know. 
1. This covers the entire procedure from zero to CPL Plan. Has the recording of our detailed Webinar and answers questions such as - "What are the requirements to get a License?", "How to achieve this by different options?", "How to choose a Flight School?", "How much does it Cost?" etc...
2.  What is the future of Indian Civil Aviation ? Are their enough jobs ? How is the career progression in civil aviation etc.  
Do write to us on support@winglet.in if you have any more questions 

Meet the Faculty

Our Belief

"If we cannot explain it simply, we haven't understood it well enough"

Capt Prashant Rawat 

Qualified Flying Instructor, Indian Air Force, CPL (Aeroplanes) &

CPL (Helicopters)

Capt Kartik Gupta

B.Sc. Aviation (IGRUA), CPL (Aeroplanes), IIT (Mumbai)

Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Design.
Capt Suseem Siwach

Capt Suseem Siwach 

Qualified Flying Instructor, Indian Air Force (CFI), CPL (Aeroplanes) &

CPL (Helicopters)

Abhishek Sinha

Qualified Flying Instructor, Experimental Test Pilot, Indian Air Force (CFI) ATPL (Aeroplanes), Chief Pilot (Corporate Aviation)

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Our Programs

Instructor Led Program 

  Program Starts in Aug

Anytime content +
​400 Hrs of Online Classes
​Options for everyone. You can choose subject wise and License wise
​Class Recordings 
​Real Time Feedback
​Individual Guidance and a Mentor 

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CPL Classes for DGCA

Self Paced Program 

You can start this program anytime 

Learn at your own Pace with our engaging content.

Read, watch and do

Over 200 hrs of Video lectures and class recordings

​​Get Help when you need.

Join live workshops and Open house sessions 

​Be Go To Exam Ready.

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DGCA Exams Preparation

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Live Online Classes for CPL

You can join through a PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. No need of a camera. You can ask questions and get answers. Select the event from the list and click on 'Invite me' to this Session to register for the event. These sessions would be conducted on ZOOM.

Navigation, Regulations, Met, Instruments, Avionics, Tech General, Composite & RTR(A)

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Classes for PPL, CPL and ATPL
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From self paced to Instructor led programs. PPL to ATPL 

aviation exam crack
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Experience Anytime Content

"Start with Intelligently crafted content for self learning. Read, watch & do."

Yes, we don't need an app. The website is itself an app. Just Bookmark it in your browser. Read books, watch videos inside the book on your mobile. If you can beat the Panda, you will sail through the exams like a breeze. 

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interactive book for CPL Exam Preparation

"Connect Live from anywhere & whenever YOU need, from the comfort of home."

Open Houses help you clarify your doubts. Powerpoint , Presentations are dead long time back. We use Live Synchronous Whiteboard just like a classroom. Ask questions and get answers. 

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PPL Exam Preparation

" Be Go-to-Exam ready. Join Workshops, clear concepts, get Tips and solve timed papers...."

Solving full papers helps you put all the concepts together and manage your time well.

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