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About Me

"If we cannot explain it simply, we haven't understood it well enough"

I am Abhishek. I am a former Military Pilot with over 20 yrs experience on 18 different types of airplanes including Fighter Jets, Heavy Jets, 

Turboprops, Commercial Aeroplanes and Trainers. I have been a Flying Instructor and an Experimental Test Pilot. In my more than decade of teaching and training experience, I have always believed that Pilots are happier in Cockpits & on Controls rather than in Examination Halls. So, i created an online training school with 360° approach to learning, where pilots can enrich themselves with the knowledge, tools and strategies required to crack the ground examinations faster and smarter. I hold an ATPL & fly for Corporate jets. During your training at Winglet you will be personally interacting with me during most live sessions. Explore the website for all the features. You can email me at aby@winglet.in. Read my article on 5 Steps to Crack Pilot Exams Faster on your own. Starters can connect with me for counselling here. You can email me at aby@winglet.in. 

"Start with Intelligently crafted content for self learning. Read, watch & do."

Yes, we don't need an app. The website is itself an app. Just Bookmark it in your browser,read books, watch videos inside the book on your mobile. Waiting for coffee or Cab, play the Panda - the Quiz master. If you can beat the Panda, you will sail through the exams like a breeze. You can take tests also but We do not recommend attending classes on mobile.

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"Connect Live from anywhere & whenever YOU need, from the comfort of home. 1:1 or Open House.... "

Weekly Open Houses help you clarify your doubts. Powerpoint , Presentations are dead long time back. We use Live Synchronous Whiteboard just like a classroom. Ask questions and get answers. If you need you can connect for 1:1 mentoring also.

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" Be Go-to-Exam ready. Join Workshops, clear concepts, get Tips and solve timed papers...."

Solving full papers helps you put all the concepts together and manage your time well. Workshops are for 3-7 days depending on subject. We reinforce concepts, solve question papers and review the paper with individual feedback.

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" Clear your exams, get help in choosing a Flight School.. "

We are not a Flight School Yet, but we surely we know what you need !

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"​You could save nearly 20% of costs if you are aware of the correct procedure to become a pilot "

In this monthly webinar we exactly tell you about that. You can read more here