Can I take Online Classes only for one subject ?

Yes you can

Would I need to buy books ?

There is no need to buy any books. All the material that you need will be delivered to you digitally. 

What are the other expenses that are not covered in the plan ?

You would need a Navigation Computer, which in all probability you already have. In case you don't have then - If you prefer a simple mechanical CRP-5, you can buy from Winglet at a nominal price. or you can buy a digital one from amazon or any other source (approximate cost Rs 12000/-).. Learn More 

Would the content be downloadable ?

The iBooks are not downloadable. The downloadable content will be mostly in PDF given during Masterclass or 1:1 mentoring.

Can i get a trial ?

You have 7 days of free trial. Start here

How long does it take for activation ?

Usually your membership will be activated within a few hours. However our declared compliance is 24 hrs and your Subscription starts from the date of activation. 

When can I take the mock tests ?

You can take it anytime of your choice. You need a PC / Tablet / Mobile phone for that. You can take three attempts per mock test as per your plan. You need to email us at support@winglet.in asking for which subject test you need. We will send you the access code for that. 

Do you have any customized plans also?

Our plans cater to every need, so there is no need of a customized plan. If you still have a case that we don't cater to drop us a message

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